Tax Audit in Ghaziabad

Income Tax Audit Services in Ghaziabad. We are one of the leading Tax Auditor, Tax Audit Consultant in Ghaziabad. Get your Tax Audit done by a qualified Chartered accountants in Ghaziabad.

Income Tax Audit U/s 44AB available for:

  • Businesses
  • Income from Profession
  • Freelancers, Blogger
  • F& O Income or loss
  • Stock Trading Income or loss

Tax Audit Under Section 44AB of Income Tax Act

Under Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961, persons involved in certain professions or exceeding a certain amount of turnover or gross receipts in business have to get their account books audited by a chartered accountant.

Tax Audit refers to inspection or scrutiny of accounts, in order to ensure compliance with the Income Tax Act and other related laws, and to check fraudulent practices.

Who has to get tax audit U/s 44AB done?

The following person are required to get tax audit done in the given cases.
1. A person carrying on business if the total sales/ turnover exceeds Rs. 1 crore during the previous year relevant to assessment year.
2. A person carrying on profession if the gross receipts exceeds Rs. 50 lakhs during the previous year relevant to assessment year.
Every person who derives income by way of Business or profession and maintains books of accounts and has not opted for computation of income on presumptive basis under section 44AD, 44ADA or 44AE of the Income-tax Act, 1961 has to get tax audit done provided his income exceeds the prescribed threshold limit.

Who can conduct Tax Audit U/s 44AB?

Tax audit can be conducted by a practicing Chartered Accountant having full-time certificate of practice (COP).
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